Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ice Cream Wedding

We scooped ice cream at the most beautiful weddings this year.  

Thanks to Dixie Pixel Photography for sharing these photos of an amazing wedding that celebrated Indian and East Tennessee culture and lots of love! 

Congrats to Josh and Seema!  Thanks for including us in your Bollywood Bluegrass wedding!

(mango lassi)

   For more info about having ice cream at your wedding, email Colleen: [email protected]

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Simply Southern Photography

Thank you Lori Edley Anderson for capturing us with our baby girl. 
We love your beautiful work!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drink Buttermilk!

Elsie Derting of Hiltons, VA is 91-years-old and loves buttermilk. This is where she sits every morning eating breakfast and drinking buttermilk. Buttermilk is her cure for stomach aches. A big thanks to her daughter, Jill Sauceman, for sending us this photo. Jill said she got her haircut just for this picture. This made my day!

Amery Frances Bhatti 7-7-14

Amery's first farmers market!

Market Square Farmers Market is every Saturday 9am-2pm!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring is here!

Friday April 25, Saturday April 26, and Sunday April 27 we will be at the Dogwood Arts Fest in downtown Knoxville!  Come see us on Union Ave near Gay Street!

We are so thankful Spring is here!  The cows are so happy to be bingeing on the new green grass!  The farmers are happy to have warm weather which makes us all want to work harder and eat more ice cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Every week we are at the New Harvest Farmers Market from 3-6pm!  It is located near Target by Knoxville Center!

We are so excited you can now get our ice cream by the scoop in Knoxville at Paleo Foods Cafe on Alcoa Hwy (located next to Court South)! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall with Cruze Farm

We have been churning Birthday Cake Ice Cream!

..and celebrating many birthdays!

Three Rivers Market carries tons of flavors of ice cream!!

Our full time dairy queen McCall has been learning about the science of milk..she is applying for grad school (neuroscience)! She is a smart gal, and we will be sad to see her leave in the spring. 

Every Saturday, we bake buttermilk biscuits at the Market Square Farmers Market 9am-2pm. The last Saturday is November 23. 

We are now serving floats at the Market Square Farmers Market with Pure Sodaworks sodas from Chattanooga!

Newlywed life if great! ;)

This year we said goodbye to Farm Girl Jaanki who has been a presence at the Market Square Farmers Market for 3 years! She is now in India preparing for her wedding which we are super excited about!

We use and love Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.'s (in Nashville) chocolate for our ice cream and chocolate chips. 

We deliver every Tuesday and Friday to Knoxville and Maryville.

Here are some of the girls who worked hard this summer at the Market Square Farmers Market:

(the artisit Steph Untz)

..and finally the cows!!

Thanks for reading!  We were sad that we were unable to have the corn maze this year! Rumors from the peacock is that an egg hunt might be in the forecast for spring!  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My mother always said “what you make can only be as good as your ingredients..”

You can find Cruze Farm Girl Ice Cream at these retail locations 
and at the Market Square Farmers Market every Saturday.

-Three Rivers Market near downtown Knoxville
-Just Ripe downtown Knoxville
-Farm Fresh on Sutherland Ave
-Earth Fare at Bearden
-Earth Fare at Turkey Creek
-Butler and Bailey on Northshore Drive
-Archers in Norris
-The Market in Maryville
-Earth Fare in Chattanooga
Please email Colleen at [email protected]

We make our ice cream on our farm starting with milk and cream from our Jersey Cows, eggs from Tickiwoo Farm, cane sugar and salt. 

Cruze Classic Flavors:

Vanilla Bean- for simple people who love the best 
made with only vanilla beans 

Chocolate- irreplaceable deliciousness
made with Callebaut Dutch Cocoa Powder

Salty Caramel- everybody’s favorite addiction
made with our farm made caramel

Stracciatella (chocolate chip)- the bitterness of dark chocolate and the sweetness of the cream is a perfect combo
made with Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

Cookies n Cream- mom’s can feel less guilty about these cookies 
made with all Natural classic creme cookies and our sweet cream ice cream

--Hannah's Favorite is cookies n cream!

Flavors of the Season:

Strawberry- we don’t skimp on strawberries
made with Colvin Family Farm Strawberries

Wild Mint Chip- it might make you go wild and fall in love
made with mint from Jem Organic Farm and Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

Peaches n Cream- makes a hot summer day worth it
made with Watsonia Organic Peaches

Blackberry- our oldest most popular flavor
made with Tennessee Blackberries

Wild Mint Chip is Maggie's favorite--

Buttermilk Flavors:

Buttermilk Lime Cardamom- Colleen’s favorite
made with our churned buttermilk, 
hand squeezed organic limes and freshly ground cardamom

Mango Buttermilk- tastes like a frozen mango lassi
made with fresh alphonso mangoes

Buttermilk Lemon Custard- women just love this flavor
made with our churned buttermilk and 
hand squeezed organic lemons. 

--Marlee is a lemon and vanilla girl..because mom won't let her eat chocolate. I totally understand, my mom told me I was "allergic" to keep me from eating chocolate. Ha!

Rotating flavors:

Coffee- for coffee lovers
made with Counter Culture Coffee

Matcha- Japan’s Favorite Flavor
made with high quality matcha powder gathered by our favorite Japanese farm girls when they travel home

Lavender Honey- when you want to taste nature
made with honey from our neighbor John Rader

Saffron Cardamom- a taste of India
made with high quality Saffron from Spain and freshly ground cardamom

Sikander's Favorite is Saffron Cardamom----

Chocolate Almond Amaretto- when your crave indulgence
made with toasted almonds and a big splash of Amaretto

Pistachio- Manjit’s favorite
made with lots of pistachios blended and halved so every bite fulfills your pistachio desires

Ginger Milk- what our version of the Chinese dessert should taste like
made with organic ginger

Salty Caramel Butter Pecan- the perfect compromise
made with Georgia pecans and farm made caramel

Hot Chocolate- our classic chocolate with cayenne..great for date night
made with Rushy Springs Farm peppers

My mother always said “what you make can only be as good as your ingredients.”   Mother is always right.